Touch Football Australia and Touch Football Singapore Strike Partnership Agreement


Touch Football Australia (TFA) is pleased to announce today with Touch Football Singapore (TFS) the confirmation of a second TFA international partnership agreement in the space of six months.

The agreement aims to promote Federation of International Touch (FIT) member country links and foster growth of the sport on the world stage. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with TFS follows the recent agreement with Japan Touch Association (JTA), enshrining various joint promotion initiatives and development opportunities to leverage growth and profile.

The agreement (MoU) between entities demonstrates the strong desire and commitment of the number one Touch Football nation to collaborate and help facilitate growth and standard of the game internationally and build further on the great relationship between member countries.

With a view to the 2019 FIT Touch World Cup to be held in neighbouring Malaysia, the key elements of the four-year TFA-TFS agreement focuses on developing TFS’s Junior Development Pathway and participation opportunities, as well as increasing their competitive edge via coaching and technical assistance. This will be achieved by facilitating access to TFA resources both human and material. The agreement is also inclusive of coaching support and participation in national events.

Touch Football Australia CEO, Colm Maguire emphasised the significance of this relationship, and the opportunity to assist key international partners in developing a sustainable, long-term platform for development and participation.

“This agreement formalises a long standing relationship we’ve had with Touch Football Singapore; we’re excited to continue this mutually beneficial relationship and to extend further our support of the sport’s development across the Asia-Pacific region, particularly.

“Singapore is a key FIT region from a geographical and diverse participation perspective. This agreement will allow for further opportunities for inbound and outbound event pathways, as well as the sharing of technical information, staff placement and resources in a variety of key areas.

“We look ahead to our new international planning cycle leading into the 2019 World Cup with renewed vigour as the leading nation in the world.

“And, conversely, we recognise our leadership position in the sport and the potential for international engagement and exposure of Touch Football, as well as the various opportunities formalising this relationship will provide to all involved as players, coaches and referees.

The agreement will see Touch Football Singapore provided with unprecedented access to the Touch Football Australia network, as well as the resources and educational material to further develop the sport.

Director of Touch Football Singapore, Bryan O’Connor said: “Singapore has benefited from the support and advice received from many members of the Australian Touch community for many years, with the prospect to forge closer links on offer.

“Making the relationship official now, so as to allow Singapore to benefit from the professional advice and advanced technical support that Touch Football Australia can offer, leading in to the range of regional and international championship events over the coming years, really is exciting,” he said.

“I want to thank Colm Maguire for his personal involvement and his team for their efforts in progressing the MoU. I look forward to the opportunities this relationship ensures our members in Singapore, with the wider scope to positively impact enthusiasts at all levels in the rapidly growing Asian region.”