TFA Board Letter to Members


The Board of Touch Football Australia (TFA) met in Canberra on the Saturday, 18 June and Sunday, 19 June to assess and progress projects associated with the 2020 Strategic Plan and our continual improvement objective as a sport.

A central outcome of the meeting was the vote by the membership to move to a company limited by guarantee.

This process involved continual stakeholder engagement over the last 12 months and will see the ongoing governance modernisation objectives identified in the strategic plan take a significant step forward. This is consistent with the ASC Governance Principles and demonstrates our continued focus on best practice.

The Board also considered various levels of investment which can assist the targets associated with 1 million participants by 2020.

The Board are acutely aware of the ongoing financial pressures associated with the delivery of our sport by our stakeholders. A decision was made in 2013 to remove the ongoing Consumer Price Index (CPI) increase to clearly demonstrate this understanding and commitment.

The Board has decided to continue this policy and, as such, making the decision not to raise the affiliation fee in this current cycle through to 2020. This approach to forgo revenue will indirectly invest over $500,000 into our grass roots participants and competitions by not increasing the affiliation fee since the original determination.

Furthermore, the Board has consistently stated its desire to reinvest back into our sport by actively and financially supporting worthwhile initiatives.

In particular, the areas of junior growth and school programs have been identified as central to our participation strategy. The Board approved a significant investment into achieving this objective through a raft of measures inclusive of an ambassador program, targeted growth focussed on juniors specifically, field officer activation and much needed collateral.

To read the full letter, please visit the TFA website.